Successfully Rehomed Dogs

It is always good when a dog that has been helped by SYD finds a new home. The home checks have been passed and the dog is going to a stable, happy environment to enjoy the rest of his or her life. It is these moments that make the whole thing worthwhile and this page is to celebrate those animals that have moved onto new homes.

Found a new home Month Rehomed
Freya December 2018
Cilla November 2018
Norma September 2018
Blue September 2018
Fudge September 2018
Coco September 2018
Sonny September 2018
Misty August 2018
Lola August 2018
Solt July 2018
Roxy July 2018
Tyce July 2018
Moss June 2018
Sam June 2018
Mini June 2018
Bruno May 2018
Flick April 2018
Prince March 2018
Poppy March 2018
Toffee February 2018
Lottie January 2018
Ollie January 2018
Norman January 2018
Tilly January 2018
Frank November 2017
Finn November 2017
Chico November 2017
Breeze October 2017
Fred October 2017
George October 2017
Simba October 2017
Jimmy October 2017
Ernie October 2017
Nessy October 2017
Reggie September 2017
Harry September 2017
Raven September 2017
Ella August 2017
Samantha August 2017
Merlin August 2017
Marley July 2017
Dylan June 2017
Harley June 2017
Alana June 2017
Amos June 2017
Alfie June 2017
Sheena May 2017
Tina May 2017
Dougie April 2017
Max April 2017
Bruce March 2017
Rocky March 2017
Buddy March 2017
Willow March 2017
Jake February 2017
Tyler February 2017
Luci February 2017
Charlie February 2017
Bert February 2017
Liam February 2017
Ernie January 2017
Nell December 2016
Poppy December 2016
Polly December 2016
Otis December 2016
Molly November 2016
Sue November 2016
Dan October 2016
Suzi October 2016
Benji October 2016
Harry September 2016
Tally the Crossbreed August 2016
Rhea the Jack Russell x Chihuahua August 2016
Eric the Patterdale Terrier August 2016
Tufty – a SYD happy ending tale July 2016
Sam the Saluki cross July 2016
Bailey the Labrador June 2016
Bryn the Saluki Cross Puppy June 2016
Molly the Lurcher June 2016
Jessie the Jack Russell Cross May 2016
Six Saluki cross puppies May 2016
Elsa the Labradoodle May 2016
George the lurcher cross May 2016
The first of the Saluki puppies April 2016
Prince the black Greyhound April 2016
Sky the Border Collie April 2016
Feeby April 2016
Jet the Patterdale pup March 2016
Layla the German Shepherd March 2016
Tyke the friendly Collie March 2016
Poppy the Jack Russell cross February 2016
Lolly the Spaniel cross February 2016
Millie the Staffie Cross February 2016
Evie the Whippet cross January 2016
Scooby the Patterdale Terrier January 2016
Melanie the Shetland sheepdog January 2016
Nell the Collie December 2015
Tye the Terrier cross December 2015
Maggie the Chihuahua December 2015
Oscar the Bichon x Poodle November 2015
Dixie the Greyhound Cross November 2015
Percy the old Collie November 2015
Ralph the German Shepherd October 2015
Betsy the Border Terrier sized dog October 2015
Socks the Saluki cross October 2015
Ollie the Pomeranian October 2015
Holly the St Bernard October 2015
Bracken and Muffin October 2015
Suki October 2015
Larry September 2015
Reggie & Rosie September 2015
Harvey the Labrador Retriever September 2015
Barney the Chocolate Labrador September 2015
Missie the tan & white crossbreed September 2015
Jack & Alfie the Jack Russels August 2015
Flash the Saluki cross August 2015
Archie the Springer Spaniel July 2015
Bobby July 2015
Cooper the little Terrier June 2015
Bailey the black Lab June 2015
Pretty little Luna June 2015
Teddy the cream lurcher June 2015
Little Alfie the Jack Russell June 2015
Max the Lhasa Apso x Poodle June 2015
Bailey the Collie May 2015
Alfie the Saluki cross May 2015
Alfie the black Labrador Retriever May 2015
Scrappy the Terrier May 2015
Socks the Labrador cross May 2015
Gibson the Springer Spaniel April 2015
Blaze the German Wire Haired Pointer April 2015
Tammy the Flat-Coated Retriever x Spaniel April 2015
Lambo the Lurcher x Collie April 2015
Lady the friendly crossbreed March 2015
Merci the Lurcher x Collie March 2015
Bella the Spaniel March 2015
Bill the Labrador March 2015
Libby the Cocker Spaniel February 2015
Kizzy the Jack Russell x Patterdale Terrier February 2015
Spike the hairy lurcher February 2015
Jimmy the Labrador cross February 2015
Maisie the three year old Cairn Cross February 2015
Ruby the 5 year old Jack Russell February 2015
Wilf the three year old Deerhound cross (probably!) January 2015
Tiger the whippet cross lurcher January 2015
Barney the friendly Border Collie January 2015
Lady January 2015
Rocky the West Highland Terrier December 2014
Bobby the tri-coloured Jack Russell December 2014
Ava the greyhound November 2014
Daisy the Great Dane October 2014