Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs

There is no such thing as a bad dog

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Mission Statement

  • SYD’s purpose is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of vulnerable & at risk dogs in Yorkshire.
  • SYD strives to provide educational tools and support to ensure appropriate and stable dog ownership; the aim being to reduce the number of vulnerable dogs in Yorkshire.
  • SYD is a new Dog Rescue based in the Dales that covers all of Yorkshire. SYD has kennels but also relies on Fosterers to help in the rehabilitation and rehoming of the dogs.


The purpose of this website is to provide information about SYD: the current situation and plans for the future. SYD is totally run by volunteers who give of their time because they want to help dogs in Yorkshire that find themselves in desperate situations and require help.

The aim is to continually grow this website and to use it to provide behavioural guides and educational packs in addition to promoting initiatives and events.

SYD also has a facebook page which is another good way of staying up to date with all things SYD.


Registered charity number 1167291

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